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There’s nothing worse than a malfunctioning car AC system in summer, especially if you commute to work. Arriving at your nine-to-five sweating and smelly is no way to start your day, and driving home in that hot car (after it’s sat stagnant for eight to 10 hours) is even worse.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to get their car’s AC fixed by the pros, even when it’s the heat of summer. If this sounds like you and you’re not quite ready to seek expert San Antonio car air conditioning repair yet, there are actually a few things you can try on your own before seeking a pro. Depending on what the underlying issue is, you could even fix the problem entirely on your own!

If you’re experiencing issues with your vehicle’s AC system, here are a few tricks you can try at home:

  • Check and refill the Freon Freon is the fluid your AC system uses to cool air before it exits your vents. Often, AC issues are simply a matter of low Freon levels, so simply refilling your system’s store can do the trick. This is called “recharging” your AC.
  • Look for leaks Head to an auto supply store and look for a leak dye. You’ll add this to your coolant and check to see if the dye leaks out in any part of the system. If it does, you’ll need to replace the leaking part or tubing.
  • Peek under the hood Turn on your AC and pop the hood. Check to see if the AC compressor pump is turning. If it’s not, this could be a simple bad fuse. You can easily buy and replace fuses for just a couple of bucks at any hardware store. Be sure to look at your owner’s manual to determine which type you need.

If these don’t work, it’s time to seek professional San Antonio car air conditioning repair. Stop by a Brake Works location near you and let our experts take the helm.

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