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Whether you choose the absolute best brake repair shop in your city or you’re forced to pick a mediocre one based on where you broke down or were towed, there’s one thing you should always know how to do: Avoid getting scammed.

It’s a sad fact, but many auto repair shops use their expertise to their advantage: they know their customers don’t have even a foundational knowledge of cars or how to fix them, so they gauge prices and make problems seem more serious (and more costly) than they really are.

Don’t want to fall victim to these scams? Here’s how you can avoid getting ripped off the next time your car needs repairs:

1.     Always get a quote. Get your mechanic to produce a written quote of what all your repairs will cost, and ask them to sign off on it. This will usually prevent them from adding on any “surprise” fees or expenses to your final bill.

2.     Make sure to approve everything. Don’t drop your car off and let the mechanic have their way. Ask them to call you after they’ve evaluated the vehicle to explain what’s wrong and what must be done. Only let them move forward on the repairs after you approve.

3.     Get a second opinion. If you’re wary about the repairs or costs your mechanic has recommended, always get a second opinion. If your car won’t start, ask the current mechanic to do the bare minimum to get it drivable, then take it to the next nearest repair shop. Make sure a second expert says all those repairs are necessary before moving forward.

4.     Check reviews. Always check reviews of any mechanic you’re using. Head to Yelp, search Google, and even look to the Better Business Bureau for guidance. Chances are, if someone else got ripped off, there’s a good chance you could too.

Don’t get ripped off next time your car needs repairs. Come to the best brake repair shop in San Antonio: Brake Works. With two convenient San Antonio locations, our pros are here to help every day of the week.

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