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In a city like San Antonio, it can be overwhelming choosing from a selection of mechanics when your car brakes need attention. There are plenty of car repair chains and auto dealerships around the city – but you may not get the individual attention you’d like. There are many reasons to choose a locally owned brake repair shop such as Brake Works – but here are other ways you know you’ve found a trustworthy mechanic.

Follow These Tips:

1. History and Local Connection – Brake Works is a family owned and operated brake repair business, established in 1989. Even after almost 30 years in business, Brake Works remains family owned and successfully operates two San Antonio brake repair shops.

2. Certifications and Licenses  – A trustworthy mechanic is going to boast special certifications and licenses, such as an ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification. Call mechanics ahead of time and ask about what certifications they have.

3. Clean, Presentable Waiting Area – If an auto shop doesn’t have a waiting room there is reason to be suspicious. A car repair shop’s waiting room should be presentable and clean, and it’s always a bonus if there are complimentary drinks or snacks available.

4. Free Estimates or Inspections – Generally, most auto repair shops should offer a free inspection or estimate to let you determine which repair is best for your budget. Beware of shops with pushy, sales-type mechanics.

5. Do Your Homework – Google is your best friend when searching for repairs. If you know what the problem with your vehicle is, search for what a typical cost of that repair for your make and model. There are handy tools available to provide you with estimates, so you can see if a mechanic is overcharging you.

6. Great Reviews – Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Be sure to check Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews for various mechanics around the city. For even more assurance, check out sites like Angie’s List to see if your mechanic or shop is certified.

7. Friendly Service Over the Phone – Instead of visiting shop after shop, give each one a cal. Their service and rapport over the phone will give you a good idea of what their service and professionalism is like in person. If they don’t answer, leave a message and their promptness in calling you back will be a tell-tale sign of their service, as well.

8. Look for Specialty Shops – Just like Brake Works focuses primarily on brake repair, there are other shops that specialize in certain parts of a vehicle. By visiting a specialty shop, you can be sure you’re getting the best care for your vehicle.

9. Get Recommendations – Just like checking online reviews, ask around your workplace or family members to see if they’ve worked with a trustworthy mechanic – or have any advice for which mechanics to avoid.

10. Know What to Ask – It helps to get the most accurate estimate if you know which questions to ask a mechanic. Look up potential causes of what your car problem is, or check out our blog for common brake issue symptoms.

11. Ask About Insurance – Not just your vehicle insurance, but insurance for your auto service shop. Every auto repair shop should have general liability insurance, a business owner’s policy, as well as worker’s compensation in the event an employee is injured while working on your vehicle.

12. Find Out What Models They Take – Its tempting to go straight to your dealership for a repair, but dealerships typically have long waits and unreasonable prices. Be sure to call auto repair shops if you have a specialty or foreign vehicle.

13. Check the Better Business Bureau – For any type of business, the Better Business Bureau is a reliable source to find a trustworthy mechanic. Search through various auto repair shops nearby in your city.

14. Good Warranty Policies – Finally chosen your auto repair shop? Be sure your repair has a great warranty behind it, in the event your car needs attention sooner than expected.

15. Accurate Hours of Business – An honest, trustworthy auto repair shop will have business hours that make sense and are convenient for the usual 9 – 5 worker. If a shop is closed on weekends or has limited weekday hours, it’s reason to be suspicious of the business.

When you’re in need of great brake repair with trustworthy mechanics, choose Brake Works for your needs. We have a team of certified mechanics and two convenient San Antonio locations to serve you. Contact us for a free estimate or quick brake inspection.

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