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Got a car air conditioner blowing hot air? Learn the causes and how to fix it below.

If your vehicle’s air conditioning system isn’t up to par, it’s best to bring it in for an inspection as soon as possible. Replacing an entire A/C system can easily cost over $1,000, depending on the make and model of your car, so it’s best to address a hot air issue before it escalates. Luckily, the members of our certified staff at Brake Works are trained in handling many of the common culprits that cause A/C trouble.

Here are common reasons your car air conditioner is blowing hot air:

1. Refrigerant Leakage — Unlike oil or antifreeze leaks, you won’t see a pool of liquid underneath your car if there is a refrigerant leak. This is because refrigerant evaporates into a gas once it’s outside the A/C system. The definitive way to diagnose a refrigerant leak is by having a certified technician inspect your A/C hose units and connections.

2. Condenser Blockage — Your vehicle’s condenser’s main purpose is to re-cool hot refrigerant once it has been compressed. This process happens by using airflow that comes through the front of your vehicle as you drive. Your car air conditioner will blow hot air if the condenser is blocked by debris from the road or environment. The blockage may also be in between your vehicle’s grill and condenser.

3. Condenser Repair — Checked for blockage but don’t see any debris? Your condenser may need replacement. This typically happens from a puncture caused by road debris or an impact from another vehicle, such as a minor fender bender. Our certified technicians can determine if your condenser requires total replacement or if it can be repaired.

4. Electrical Problems — Most modern vehicles are built with complex wires and electric configurations. Attempting to inspect the fuses and relays that power your A/C system can be overwhelming, and you run the risk of harming yourself. It’s important to have your vehicle inspected by an experienced professional if you suspect electrical issues are causing your car air conditioner to blow hot air.

5. Faulty Cooling Fans — The most common culprits of hot air in an otherwise functioning A/C system are faulty cooling fans. Fans can be faulty due to burnt out motors, a chipped fan blade, or internal debris. If you don’t visually detect any blockage or damage to fan blades, bring your vehicle into an A/C repair shop to get your cooling fans inspected.

With Brake Works, repairing your car’s air conditioning system doesn’t have to be a hassle. Most common repairs are relatively inexpensive and can be done without having to leave your vehicle in a shop for an extended period. Our experienced and certified technicians are available to answer any questions regarding the repair of your vehicle’s A/C and willing to work with your budget.

Locally owned and operated, Brake Works has been trusted to handle brake repair, car air conditioning repair, suspension repair, and various other auto repair needs for 30 years. We have two locations in north and northeast San Antonio ready to serve you with convenient weekend hours. If your car air conditioner is blowing hot air, give us a callor stop by for a quick inspection. See why our customers have consistently rated us five stars.

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