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Car AC Repair – San Antonio

When living in San Antonio (or anywhere in Texas), air conditioning in your vehicle is a necessity for the entire year. Even during rare cold spells, you want to be sure your vehicle’s heater will work efficiently. So, when your car’s AC is out, we know you want to get it fixed quickly and affordably. At Brake Works, we don’t just do brake work, we also perform a variety of car AC repair services, such as AC recharging and compressor or other electrical control systems. When you’re looking for the best AC repair shop in San Antonio, look no further than Brake Works.

How Do I Know I’m in Need of Car AC Repair?

Other than the obvious fact that cold or hot air is not blowing out of your vents when it should be, there are less obvious signs your vehicle may need car AC repair, such as:

  • Weak airflow from vents
  • Car AC not creating frigid air.
  • The heater or the defroster are not working properly.
  • Strange, rotten-like odor coming from vents.
  • Airflow blowing out at uneven temperatures.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues with your vehicle’s air conditioning, it’s important to bring your vehicle to an AC mechanic right away to avoid worse problems, like your AC completely going out.

Common Car AC Repair Problems:

  • Coolant and/or Refrigerant Leaks. This problem is typically seen in older cars lacking the computer system standard for most modern models. It’s extremely common, as refrigerant is bound to become depleted over a timespan of years. These leaks can come from your vehicle’s AC compressor or one of their hoses. If you can’t recall the last time your vehicle had its refrigerant refilled or flushed, or your mileage is above 125,000 miles, it’s a preventative measure to bring your vehicle into an AC repair shop.
  • Noise Coming From AC Compressor. If you’re hearing clinking noises when you turn on your vehicle’s AC system, that may signal potential issues with your compressor. These noises could also be normal sounds from your engine hoses, but it’s best to take your vehicle to an AC repair shop just to be safe. If your compressor needs replacing, Brake Works can handle this type of car AC repair.
  • Fluctuation in Temperature. If your AC is working properly at first, but the air comes out warm—or vice versa, when your heater is activated—this can be due to a moisture buildup in your hoses. Like when your home AC freezes over, this same situation can happen to your vehicle’s AC system and cause it to clog. Thankfully, this is a simple car AC repair.
  • Damaged or Defective Electrical System. If your car battery is in need of replacement or charge, this can cause your compressor to not start correctly. This leads to your AC system functioning improperly or not at all. We can perform a quick battery check at both of our San Antonio car shops.
  • Dirty Air Filter. One of the most inexpensive car AC repair fixes is an air filter replacement. If your car is a recent model and the air flow is not as powerful as before, this is a common culprit. Our certified mechanics can help determine if this is the fix your vehicle needs.

Contact a Top-Notch Car AC Repair Shop in San Antonio

With two San Antonio locations to serve you, Brake Works guarantees supreme service at competitive prices. Both locations boast a 4.9 or higher average review on Google, and we’d love to extend these great experiences to you. No matter your vehicle’s make, model, or year, Brake Works can ensure you’re safely back on the road in no time.

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