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Best Brake Repair Shop in San Antonio

Brake Works is one of the oldest and most trusted brake shops in San Antonio, TX. Our brake specialists have been serving residents for 30 years. Our brake mechanics know that your safety depends on the quality work they provide, and our customers’ safety is our priority.

Your brakes may not necessarily be the first things that come to mind when talking about safety features of your car, but they are easily the most important safety component in any car. Well-maintained brakes can make the difference between hitting the child who wandered into the street, and being able to stop the car before contact is made. Very few things are more terrifying than stepping on the brakes, only to realize that they do not respond efficiently in an emergency. Our brake shop will inform you of your brakes’ condition and what the best repair schedule is for them.

Preventative Car Brakes Repair

The daily wear and tear on your car’s brakes is determined by many factors, one of which is your driving style. Being a more aggressive driver and slamming on your brakes on a regular basis puts excess strain on your brakes. Daily stop-and-go traffic is another culprit, adding stress to your brakes. Even resting your foot on the brake pedal continually can affect the lifetime of your brakes. Defensive driving habits, and looking ahead while driving, can make a big difference in the frequency of your car brakes repair or replacement.

Identifying Common Brake Problems

Drivers who pay attention to their brakes can feel when the brakes began to behave or sound differently. Common brake problem indicators include an illuminated brake warning light, a brake pedal that is often described as “spongy,” and a brake pedal that rests at a lower than usual position. The warning light is most likely caused by a leak in the brake system. This needs your immediate attention and should be checked out and repaired by a brake service shop as soon as possible.

A lower than normal resting position of the brake pedal often indicates that the drum brake adjusters are not working properly. Rusty or sticky adjusters have to be cleaned or replaced to fix this problem. A “spongy” or soft brake pedal is often caused by air in the hydraulic system. “Bleeding” your brake lines will solve this problem.

Other common brake problems include a pulsing of the foot pedal and/or vibration of the pedal during braking. Unevenly worn rotors on the disk brakes are most often to blame for this problem. The rotors either need to be resurfaced or replaced in this case. A damaged brake pad or shoe can even cause the brakes to lock up. A squealing noise, a pedal that falls to the floor, and brakes that make the car swerve to one side, are also symptoms of brake problems that should be addressed by a professional brake shop.

Brake Repair Cost

There are many different symptoms signaling problems or the upcoming failure of your brakes. Regular maintenance can prevent costly repairs and replacements. Brake inspections should be done on a regular basis or when any of the above-mentioned symptoms are noticed. Procrastinating on getting your brake problem checked out may put your life and the life of others in jeopardy. In addition, procrastination may cause further damage to the brake system, resulting in significantly higher repair/replacement costs. Maintenance is usually far more cost-effective than replacements and repairs due to neglect.

Our experts at Brake Works brake shop will inspect your brakes and provide you with an accurate brake repair estimate before we begin work. We know that your time is valuable and we provide our services in a timely manner. With over 20 years in business, Brake Works will ensure that your brake service and/or repair are done right the first time. Maintaining your brakes is not a huge financial commitment, but it can make a huge difference the moment you have to rely on your brakes to keep you and your family safe.

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Best Brake Shop In San Antonio

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