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Being picky about your repair shop can help ensure that you get the best brake service possible.

If your braking system is having trouble, you need to find the best brake service you can afford to fix the problem—but how can you tell a quality repair shop from a poor one?  Here are some things to look for:

1. Are the technicians certified?  Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification is the gold standard of any good mechanic.  Avoid any shop that doesn’t hire ASE-certified techs.

2. What does the shop look like?  Of course, no one expects a garage to be spotless, but it shouldn’t look like a pigsty either.  Workers should be wearing company uniforms, tools should be neatly stored when not in use, and overall the business should look like trained, conscientious people work there.

3. How is the customer service?  You can find this out simply by giving the shop a call.  Is the phone answered promptly, and is the person on the other end courteous and knowledgeable?

4. What do others say about the business?  Friends and family members can steer you towards quality shops that will treat you right, so ask them for their opinions.  You might also want to Google the business name to find out what online reviews have to say.

5. Does the shop offer free quotes before charging for repairs?  Are prices clearly stated?  Will the shop agree to give you back your old parts after the job is finished?  This is an easy way to verify that they will actually perform the work they charge you for.

6. What is your overall impression of the shop?  Are you comfortable with the people you meet there?  Do you believe they will do the work correctly and for a fair amount?  Would you feel good about recommending it to others?

We feel confident that once you look around a bit, you’ll agree that Brake Works is an excellent choice for all your automotive service needs.  Go ahead and compare us to others, then come see us when you need repairs or regular maintenance.  We look forward to giving you the best brake service in town!

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