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While we’re still technically in winter, anyone who lives around San Antonio knows that cold weather never lasts too long in South Texas.  Soon the heat of summer will be with us again, and we’ll be turning to our car’s air conditioning system to keep us cool and comfortable.

The last thing you need is for this vital system to let you down in the middle of a heat wave.  So be aware of the following signs that you need an AC mechanic:

1. Reduced cooling power – A properly functioning AC system should keep the vehicle’s interior nice and comfortable, even on the hottest days.  If you notice that yours isn’t churning out air that’s as cold as it once was, then it may need recharging with Freon or similar refrigerant gas.  Bring your car into Brake Works and let us check it out.

2. Poor cooling along with an overheating engine – This sometimes occurs in vehicles with fuel injection.  The engine’s ECU senses the overheating and cuts off the AC to help protect the engine from heat damage.  This is a very serious problem that can cost you many thousands of dollars in repairs if it goes unfixed. So, if it happens, then come see us immediately.

3. The fan doesn’t work at all – This can be caused by a number of problems, from loose wires to blown fuses.  Usually, the repair is a fairly minor one, but on occasion, a malfunctioning fan is an indication of a serious problem.  Plus, driving around the Lone Star State with no AC can get uncomfortable really, really quick.  So if your air conditioning fan is down for the count, get your vehicle into BrakeWorks right away and let us get it up and running again.  We have the equipment and expertise to help you keep your cool on even the hottest days.

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