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The time is now for San Antonio auto AC repair. The weather is hot, the air is humid, and it is downright dangerous to drive around without a working AC system, especially if you’ve got little ones on the road with you.

But what exactly causes car ACs to malfunction and what could be wrong with yours the next time it’s out? Well, there are three main possible culprits:

  1. A leak One of the most common causes of AC issues is a refrigerant leak: a small hole that is allowing the Freon to leak out of the system somewhere along the way. When refrigerant levels get low enough, the AC system is unable to cool the air. You will need to fix the leak and refill the refrigerant to fix it.
  2. A clog — Sometimes, the AC can’t cool the air properly because something is blocking it up; things like bugs, leaves, dirt, or debris have gotten clogged in there and are preventing air from passing over the condenser. Air filters can become clogged as well. These blockages need to be removed in order for the AC to work properly again.
  3. A compressor problem The compressor is one of the most important parts of your car’s AC, so if that’s not working, you’re in big trouble. Compressor problems can be caused by blown fuses, a bad clutch, or other problems. It usually requires a professional to diagnose and fix.

The best way to determine what’s wrong with your car’s AC is to visit a Brake Works location ASAP. Our San Antonio auto AC repair experts can diagnose it, recommend the proper fix, and give you an accurate price quote. Then, we’ll fix it right there.

Want your car’s AC fixed affordably and properly? Stop by one of our convenient shops today.

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