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Sure, wheel alignment issues can be annoying. That constant pulling and weaving can be a huge nuisance, making it harder to turn or even just stay in your lane. But in reality, problems with wheel alignment are more than just a mere annoyance. They can actually pose a serious hazard to you and other drivers on the road — and they can hurt your pocketbook.

Do you have wheel alignment issues but have simply been dealing with the nuisance, pushing it aside for another day? Here are just a few reasons alignment problems should be fixed right away:

  • They can put you in real danger With wheel alignment issues, you’re already having to fight your car’s urge to drift in a certain direction. Think about how that would be impacted by bad weather — say, a rain storm, snow, or even just a very windy day. Those issues are going to make it even harder to drive straight and safely stay on the road.
  • It can wear down your tires quickly – When your alignment is off, it wears your tires down unevenly, and that means they’ll need replacement or repair way more often than a properly aligned vehicle’s tires would. In fact, keeping your car in proper alignment can actually give your tires double the life span.
  • It uses up more fuel – Alignment issues also effect fuel usage, because the uneven pressure on your tires causes more friction and resistance on the road. Your vehicle has to work harder and burn more fuel to go the same distance as a properly aligned car.
  • It strains your whole vehicle – Alignment problems can cause issues with other parts of your car too, including the brake shaft, the steering column, the suspension, and more. It could lead to even more expensive repairs down the road.

If you think wheel alignment issues are at work in your vehicle, bring it in to Brake Works today for a full evaluation. We’ll help you prevent costly repairs and dangerous accidents long before they happen.

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