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It may be only March, but the cold weather won’t last much longer. In just a few weeks, we’ll be seeing 80-degree weather, sunshine, and mosquitoes, especially here in hot, humid Texas. In preparation for the impending heat, it’s time you consider San Antonio auto AC repair now – long before the sweltering Southern summer makes its presence known.

It’s likely been a while since you’ve used your car’s AC system, and that lack of use could pose a problem. Refrigerant could have drained out, your vents could be clogged, and dozens of other issues could have crept in as the winter months dragged on. Fortunately, here at Brake Works, we offer comprehensive San Antonio auto AC repair, including everything from minor tune-ups to full-on replacements.

We will:

  • Evaluate your car’s AC system We’ll make sure it’s working properly and that it’s churning out properly cooled air. We’ll review the lines and fluids, and we’ll check that everything is 100 percent functional before those hot summer days are upon us.
  • Recommend any tune-ups – Whether it’s just new refrigerant you need or a simple recalibration, we can recommend small fixes that can deliver big results for your AC system. That way, you can get them done — and paid for — way ahead of the sun’s summer schedule.
  • Replace and repair If we find more serious issues at work, we’ll of course repair the system or replace it completely, whichever is necessary to keep you and your passengers cool in the Texas heat.

It’s never too early to get your AC system checked out, especially in the sweltering state of Texas. Stop by a Brake Works location today and see one of our San Antonio auto AC repair specialists now. We’ll make sure your car is ready to take on the coming Texas heat!

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