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When your car’s having brake problems, you need to spring into action fast. The first step? Head to a few local mechanics and repair shops, and get a brake repair estimate from each of them. Find out what fixes they recommend, what it will cost, and what sort of timeframe it will take to complete.

Then, use this brake repair estimate to:

  1. Compare pricing. First, use your estimates to evaluate pricing. Who’s offering you the best deal? Is one estimate significantly higher than the other? How does each compare as far as parts and labor go? Does it look like someone’s trying to rip you off?
  2. Ensure you’re getting the right repairs done. Next, use it to ensure each mechanic is on the same page. What does each estimate recommend as far as repairs go? Are they all the same, or does one mechanic recommend a bunch of add-ons that others didn’t even mention? That could be a red flag that they’re trying to eke more money out of you.
  3. Budget for your repairs. You can also use the estimate to budget for your brake repairs. Do you need to move savings over to cover them? Should you use a credit card? Do you need to wait a few weeks to save up?
  4. Keep your mechanic honest. An estimate also gives you something to hold your mechanic to. They can’t add on a bunch of services and fees once you hand your car over, and they can’t rip you off or overcharge you; you have the proof right in your hands!

Having brake problems? Don’t wait to have them fixed. Come into a San Antonio Brake Works today for a complimentary brake repair estimate. We’ll break down what’s wrong, what needs to be done, what it will cost you, and how long it will take. Then, you’ll be armed with all the info you need to make a smart, financially wise decision for your vehicle. Stop by today to get started.

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