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The suspension system is a crucial component of your vehicle. It’s what connects your car to your tires, and it’s what allows you to move, steer, and even brake while behind the wheel. But suspension systems are complicated, containing dozens of moving parts and pieces, and repairs on them can often run the gamut. Some are easily and quickly fixed for just a hundred bucks, while others cost thousands before a car is safe to drive again.

Unfortunately, it’s this threat of high costs that often leads people to ignore suspension problems – to simply put them off until something goes wrong and there’s no other option. As longtime providers of suspension repair in San Antonio, we can tell you: This is never a good idea.

Delaying suspension repair can pose a huge danger both to you and others on the road around you. If not tended to quickly, suspension issues can lead to:

  • Difficulty steering Suspension problems can cause your steering wheel to pull, vibrate, and be difficult to steer and keep straight. If the issue gets too bad, you may lose control of the vehicle altogether, causing you to veer off the road or into traffic.
  • Problems braking Suspension issues can also lead to brake problems, especially if the shocks are affected. Worn-out shocks can leave you lurching forward any time you brake or stop, and they can even lead to loud screeching and squealing. If left too long, the shocks and pads can wear down completely, making it nearly impossible to brake quickly when you need it.
  • Possible tire blowouts When the suspension system is in disrepair, it can lead to bald, unevenly worn tires. If not tended to quickly, these tires can wear so thin, they pop while in use, causing you to go skidding off the road or even running into other vehicles in your path.

Suspension issues are never something to put off until tomorrow. If you suspect your suspension system may need work, come to Brake Works as soon as possible. We offer suspension repair San Antonio drivers have depended on for years, and we’re here to help you, too.

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