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Generally, when you hear weird noises coming from your car, it’s never a good thing. It can mean faulty brakes, rusting parts, or any number of issues at work, and it could be threatening your life and the lives of others on the road around you. This is especially true if the sounds are coming from your suspension system, which includes your tires, shocks, springs, and other vital components.

Have you been hearing weird noises while driving your vehicle? Then see the checklist below. It could mean you need San Antonio car suspension repair and fast.

  • Grunting or squeaking: A grunt or squeak — especially while driving over a bump or through a turn — may indicate your steering mechanism is on its last leg. If left alone, it could cause you to lose control of steering altogether!
  • Rattling: Rattling typically means there is a part loose, and if that part plays a role in your ability to brake, steer, or control your vehicle, you could be in big trouble should it fall off or stop working.
  • Hinge-like noises: Hear something that sounds like an old door squeaking open? This may mean your suspension’s ball joints are wearing down. That could result in a pretty rough ride if left unfixed.
  • Knocking: If you hear knocking when you turn, it likely means your shocks are worn out, thus causing your coil springs to vibrate and wear on your car’s chassis. This needs attention immediately!

Caring for and maintaining your car’s suspension system is vitally important for your safety, as well as for any passengers you drive and for others on the road around you. If you hear any strange noises coming from your vehicle, don’t put it off. Bring it into an experienced San Antonio car suspension repair expert at Brake Works as soon as possible for a full evaluation.

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