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Like anything you own, your car needs occasional cleaning — and we don’t mean just on the outside. All of its systems and parts need a good wipe-down too, especially if you want to keep them in good working order. This is especially true for your car’s AC system, which can gather mold and mildew if left uncleaned, expelling foul smells, odors, and other unwanted stenches whenever you turn it on.

Often, drivers realize this need for cleaning a little too late. They fail to get their AC systems regularly checked, and before too long, they’re suffering through the summer with thick, smelly air every time they hop in the car.

Fortunately, our San Antonio car AC repair techs can help. We can diagnose mold and mildew issues easily and quickly, and once we do, we can clean the system, remove the smell, and get the car back in stench-free working order in no time.

Specifically, we can:

  • Use an antimicrobial treatment to kill the mold and bacteria.
  • Replace the evaporate core, which is often where mold gathers and grows.
  • Clean or unclog the AC drain.
  • Change any affected filters.
  • Replace the coils.
  • Replace refrigerant.

Some mold and odor issues can be fixed in a matter of minutes and for only a small cost, especially if they’re tended to quickly. Never let an AC odor fester, as the mold and mildew will only continue to grow (particularly in hot or humid climates), and the problem will worsen.

As soon as you start smelling strange odors, bring your car into a Brake Works location immediately. Our San Antonio car AC repair experts will evaluate the issue and recommend the most appropriate fix to remove the mold, mildew, and smells. We’ll even give you a free price quote and time estimate up front!

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