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Detecting and correcting wheel alignment symptoms is essential for your personal safety and your vehicle’s reliability. Fortunately, it’s possible to spot most problems before they become emergencies. Here’s a look at five common trouble signs to watch out for.

  1. Unusual tire wear patterns. Tires normally wear evenly across the tread as a result of constant contact with the road. When this contact is uneven, however, your tires may look fine in some spots and threadbare in others. Causes can range from unbalanced wheels to worn suspension parts.
  2. The steering wheel pulling to one side or the other. Properly aligned tires move in the same direction all the time, as determined by the driver. Over time, however, this alignment can shift, so that one tire is out of sync with the rest. The solution is realignment of the wheels by a trained technician.
  3. Bumpy ride. This is one of the most common wheel alignment symptoms. You feel like you’re driving over a gravel-strewn dirt road, even when you’re on smooth pavement. Sometimes this problem shows up at all speeds. Other times it occurs only when you’re on the highway. Multiple factors can cause this dilemma. The solution is to have a qualified shop service your vehicle as soon as possible.
  4. Unusual noises. Perhaps you hear a clicking sound when turning the wheel. Maybe you hear a grinding or clanging noise that causes you concern. Or perhaps you hear a different kind of sound altogether. Whatever may be the case, have a shop look at your vehicle as soon as possible.
  5. Unexplained leaks underneath the vehicle. Your automobile uses many types of lubricants to prevent wear and ensure smooth operation. Many of these compounds directly affect the wheels and suspension system. Over time, cracked seals can permit these liquids to escape, leaving a puddle of trouble underneath your car. If the wheel alignment symptoms you’re dealing with are also accompanied by leakage, then it’s time to have a qualified shop check out your auto.

We hope this information about wheel alignment symptoms helps your car or truck stay in top condition for many years to come. Please keep Brake Works in mind whenever you need expert mechanical service. Have a happy and safe 2017.

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