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Wheel alignment issues are among the most common types of problems faced by vehicle owners.  Left unresolved, they can damage your car’s suspension and ruin its tires.  But how do you know if you have misaligned wheels?  Here are signs to look for:

1. Your vehicle insists on veering right or left, even if you’re driving straight down the road.  This is the most common symptom of poor alignment and is usually experienced as a “tug” on the steering wheel in either direction.  The worse the alignment problems are, the stronger the tugging feeling will be.

2. Your steering wheel vibrates whether or not you’re applying your brakes.  In a properly functioning car, the steering wheel should stay smooth and steady.  If it’s bouncing around like a jumping bean in your hands, then you may very well have alignment problems.

3. Your tires show odd wear patterns.  All tires lose tread over time, of course.  But if yours seem to be wearing unevenly across the tread pattern, wheel alignment issues are probably the cause.

If you’re experiencing any of the above problems, bring your car into Brake Works right away.  Our trained technicians will determine if your wheels are misaligned.  If they are, then we will use a computer-enabled diagnostic device to make the ultra-precise measurements needed to fix the defects properly.

Our techs will also inspect your suspension components for signs of damage or wear, and point out to you any warning signs they notice.  You’ll leave our shop with your wheels properly aligned, saving you expensive trouble down the road.

Right now we’re running several promotional deals that can save you money on the costs of many common repair jobs, like wheel alignment issues, suspension repairs, and air conditioner recharging.  So check out our online coupons and come see us today if you need service work of any kind!

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