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The steering and suspension system is one of the most important parts of your car. Not only does it help you steer and direct your vehicle, it also helps you speed up and slow down — all vital aspects of driving your car and doing so safely.

To give you an idea of just how important this system is, here’s how both the steering and the suspension work:

  • Steering – Steering systems come in two forms: reciprocating ball steering or rack and pinion steering. With RB steering, a series of links and arms is used to ensure wheels turn together and at the same time. There’s also a steering box that controls the steering wheel and steering column. On RAP steering, the steering wheel and column are connected to a rack, which moves a piston to turn your wheels.
  • Suspension – The suspension system is the series of shocks and links that connect your car to its tires. It ensures your wheels make contact with the road and give you a smooth ride while you operate the vehicle. Suspension systems usually utilize a variety of springs, struts, and shock absorbers, which need replacing from time to time due to wear and tear.

Your steering and suspension system plays a huge role in how well your vehicle operates and how safe it is to drive. It requires regular maintenance and care, and if you ever suspect an issue is at work (your steering wheel pulls, your car drifts, or you have trouble controlling speed or direction), you’ll want to get it checked out as soon as possible, before it becomes a dangerous (and expensive) problem.

Want to make sure your steering and suspension system is in proper working order? Stop by a San Antonio Brake Works location today. Our expert mechanics are here to help.

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