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Squeaky brakes can be annoying. They’re loud, obnoxious, and always noticeable, but even worse, they can point to a serious issue within your brake system – one that can pose a danger to both you and your passengers. If you ever hear noises coming from your brakes, consider it a warning sign, and don’t ever try to fix squeaky brakes on your own. Always call a trained mechanic to do the job, and make sure your car is repaired safely and properly every time.

Want a mechanic to fix squeaky brakes on your car? Here are a few ways they may do it:

  1. Replace shims and clips. If any shims or clips are broken or loose, it may be causing the pad to move around when you brake. This equals unwanted squeaking and squealing. By replacing these, it can often stop the noises and ensure the brake system is working properly.
  2. Tighten any loose parts. Along the same lines, the mechanic may also check for loose parts, like the calibers or the brake pads themselves. If these can be tightened up, it may halt the squeaking.
  3. Resurface the brake rotors. If there is any grooving, scoring, or wear and tear on the brake rotors or drums, it can cause the brake pads to vibrate and emit a loud squeaking noise. The mechanic may be able to resurface these parts and stop the noise.
  4. Replace the brake rotors or drums. If resurfacing is not an option, these parts may need to be fully replaced instead
  5. Change out your brake pads. If all else fails, your mechanic will likely replace the brake pads in your car entirely. They may also try pads with a new material in order to prevent future squeaking and squealing.

Want to fix squeaky brakes on your vehicle? Bring it in to Brake Works today. Our mechanics are experts in brakes, and they know how to diagnose and fix yours quickly, easily, and affordably.

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