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Neglecting your vehicle comes with all sorts of pitfalls and drawbacks, and neglecting your brakes is especially bad. There is no car problem worse than not stopping when you really need to. Be gentle with your brakes, and that includes getting them serviced regularly. If a regular check-up isn’t feasible for you then keep in mind these three signs you need a car brake service!

Noises that indicate you need a car brake service
Normal brake use will eventually erode away at your car brakes. Avoid quick stops, slamming on the brakes, or other destructive behaviors while you’re behind the wheel to increase the life and quality of your brakes. If you aren’t careful, you’ll start hearing a variety of noises warning you that your brakes are going to give you trouble:

• The growling of the parts grinding together angrily.
• A random assortment of clicking and rattling noises that come up every time you push on the brakes.
• A high-pitched squealing that sounds a lot like your car screaming at you to get it some serious help.

Visual signs a car brake service is desperately called for
If you find yourself tinkering away at your own car at any point, you might as well take a moment and check out the brakes. A lot of the early warning signs for impending brake failure can be caught just by checking it out yourself every now and then.

When you go to look at them, look for thinned out brake pads. If they’re less than ¼ an inch, it’s time to get your car in for a brake service and get those replaced.

The next thing to check is the rotors for each brake in your car. There is supposed to be some texture, but if you find it with several deep grooves, you’re headed for trouble if you don’t get it to a service shop soon.

Ways you can feel you need a car brake service
The first line of defense against a bad brake experience is nothing more than you being aware of your car and how it’s driving. If you start to notice these three things while you’re behind the wheel you can rest assured that the other two signs are coming up right behind it.

• The brakes don’t seem to be responding as well as they used to. It starts small, but if left unchecked ends up with you holding onto the brakes with both feet saying your prayers as you go sliding down the hill.
• When you step on the brakes, do you suddenly start swinging left for no apparent reason? (Or right, it all depends on where your brakes are failing.)
• Put your foot on the brake and apply light pressure, does the pedal start pulsating and vibrating behind your toes in ways it really shouldn’t be?

If any of these apply to your vehicle, get it in to a car brake service, such as Brake Works, right away! Two convenient locations to serve you in San Antonio, contact us today.

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